Remote accounting

The third dimension of book-keeping


Remote customer service, without having a visit in the accounting office.

Stage 1. Collection of documents from the Customer by a courier at the PACTUM’s expense.
Stage 1. Providing documents to the PACTUM’s seat.
Stage 1. Performance of the services by PACTUM.
Stage 4. Sending information to the Customer about the financial result. 



In addition:

  • possibility of consultations with PACTUM experts via e-mail, telephone, or instant messaging,
  • support in controlling Tax Offices, Social Insurance Company (ZUS)  and The National Labour Inspectorate (PiP) without the participation of the Customer,
  • possibility to use the free of charge legal consultations provided by the Law Firm that cooperates with the PACTUM,
  • possibility to take advantage of additional services available in the package,  at no extra costs:
    list of additional services


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