Art.61§1. of Penal and Fiscal Code:
An accountant who is keeping books negligently, shall be subjected to fine equal to 240 day-fine units.

We are professionals! We are fully responsible for the services we provide!

We would like to present you our offer consisting of 7 service packages. Each package includes a set of additional services that are free of charge. Each package consists of book-keeping as well as human resource services along with additional company management services.

Service Package I – Accounting Ledgers
• preparation of accounting policy,
• drawing up chart of accounts,
• qualification of accounting evidence,
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Service Package II – Revenue and Expense Ledger – KPiR
• qualification of accounting evidence,
• recording of economic events,
• keeping records of tangible assets and equipment
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Service Package III- The Registered Revenue – Lump-Sum
• calculation of lump-sum tax on the basis of the sales records,
• keeping records of tangible assets,
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Service Package IV-Human Resources Management
• administration of personal records,
• storing of personal records,
• administration of employees records
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Control of bookkeeping maintenance correctness performed by persons who independently maintain bookkeeping of their own companies. The audit shall be carried out by certified accountants.
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The accounting supervision
The accounting supervision supports the above listed services in range of correctness control of bookkeeping and HR administration. Surveillance can be conducted periodically or continuously.
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Virtual Office
The Virtual Office is a modern service for mobile entrepreneurs who spend a significant part of time outside the company seat.
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