About company

Every good company begins its story with a place, where everything has started, in many cases it concerned  a well-known garage. For the accountancy office it would be difficult  to run a business in the garage, so we used our own flat on the 4th floor, where we have been  working with our  first customers since 1996.


We didn’t carry any marketing campaigns to promote our company. There was no signboard at the entrance and hardly anyone knew that our company is providing services in the flat. However, such conditions did not prevent us from a successful company development up to the present state. The best promotion for our company were our satisfied customers, who in a great extent contributed to our  rapid development.


We currently support hundreds of companies from all over the country and abroad. We are one of the leading companies in accounting industry. We are not afraid of new challenges and are constantly looking for new ways of development. We owe the success to a consistent customer orientation since the early days of the company.


Currently we employ many people of different specializations. We have our own personnel training system called the PACTUM Academy, which carries out the task of precise education. We put very high demands on the individual employees as well as on the whole company. Such attitude let us create an exclusive group of professionals prepared for the toughest tasks.


In 2007, we obtained international certifications:

ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality Management System
ISO 27001: 2005 – Information Security Management System


As the first business entity in Poland providing accounting and human resources services we obtained certificate ISO 27001: 2005


Today the company offers a new generation of services, based on on-line accounting support  for enterprises that is using a modern technology, in particular, the Internet. The development plans of our company are primarily focused on creation of additional service packages for businesses such as: virtual office support, training in business management, modern marketing as well as commercial law companies support. We concentrate on innovative solutions along with well- trained and experienced team.

And we are still at the beginning of our path.

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